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Interpersonal Skills Coaching Workshops

What is the effect of a manager or business executive who has great interpersonal communication skills? What are the effects of a manager or business executive who possesses poor interpersonal skills? We can all use interpersonal skills training, but some people need a major overhaul. And if these people happen to be managers or top leaders in your organization, the effects of their lack of interpersonal skills can be devastating to morale, productivity and employee retention.

So what can you do if you have one or two key people who need interpersonal communication skills training? You can ask them to attend a public seminar. But those generic, canned training classes are of little value. It's so easy to sit in the back of the room and listen, and then return to work with no change in behavior.

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We can offer you an effective alternative: an Interpersonal Skills Coaching Workshop. Our coaching workshops include the same content as our other workshops, but they are delivered in a one-on-one or small-group format. In our coaching workshops, we focus on specific behaviors, and participants receive focused, individual attention aimed at helping them to convert their communication challenges and weaknesses into strengths.

Coaching and Focused Communication Training in a One-Day Package

Our interpersonal skills coaching workshops work best with 1 - 6 people; we recommend a full day for the workshops, but they can be structured for any time length. The workshop can be held off-site, or in a conference room at your facility. The combination of coaching and training make it a highly productive day, and one that will bring results: a change in behavior.

Prior to the workshop, Roger Reece will conduct a phone interview with each coaching workshop participant, as well as with key managers who work with the participant(s). The participant(s) will complete an online survey and will receive a 20-page personal DISC profile one week before the workshop. The profiles are extremely accurate in highlighting potential communication problems as well as key areas for change. If a participant is a manager, we recommend having her/his direct reports complete the DISC survey as well, so their profiles can be included in the workshop. For more information, please visit the Coaching page of our DISC Training Workshops website.

During the workshop, Roger works with participants on specific communication problems and challenges they have with their employees, co-workers and managers. The principles of effective communication are outlined in the training, and the specifics are dealt with through personalized coaching. During the last hour of the workshop, Roger assists participants in developing a personal action plan for developing effective communication habits and resolving specific issues with employees, co-workers and managers.

An Interpersonal Communication Workshop and a Coaching Workshop Back-to-Back

If you're considering an interpersonal communication workshop for your group, but would like additional training for executives, managers, supervisors or key individuals, add a back-to-back coaching workshop to the program. Since much of the communication training will take place during the training workshop on the first day, the coaching workshop on the second day can be focused purely on interpersonal skills coaching. The coaching workshop can include several key individuals as a group, or one-on-one coaching sessions can be scheduled throughout the second day.

When Do Your Key Managers and Employees Have Time for a Coaching Workshop?

One of the major barriers to effective interpersonal communication is busy-ness. It's the feeling that there's no time to talk things over. So in our haste, we make waste of working relationships, employee morale and true productivity.

Who has time for a full-day coaching workshop? The key managers and employees on your team who think they don't have time for it. They are probably the ones who need it the most. When is the best time? Contact us now to schedule a coaching seminar for the leaders on your team.

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