Interpersonal Communication Workshops

An Interpersonal Communication Skills Workshop Customized for Your Team

You can begin improving the interpersonal skills of your team immediately by scheduling a workshop or seminar for your team. We can hold the workshop on-site at your facility, or you can book a meeting space at a local hotel. Just contact us to get the ball rolling. We will send you detailed information about content and fees, and if you're interested, we will schedule a phone conference to discuss the details. After the call, you will receive a detailed outline for the workshop. Then all we need to do is set a date.

The Keynote Presentation for Your Next Meeting or Conference

If you're planning a meeting or conference, why not make Interpersonal Communication a key focus for the meeting?

Contact us and we'll send you an outline for an opening or closing keynote for your conference that integrates interpersonal communication into your overall meeting theme. And we can provide concurrent / breakout sessions on related topics, giving you a full interpersonal communication workshop within the context of your conference.

Workshop Length

We can design the perfect interpersonal communication workshop to fit the time slot you have available. Workshops are typically a half day or full day in length, but if your time is limited, we can structure a one-hour or two-hour presentation or mini-workshop. If you have the time, we can also give you an in-depth two-day or three-day workshop with additional content, role-play, interactive discussions and group activities. If it's difficult to have everyone in a workshop at the same time, we can schedule two or more workshops back-to-back to accommodate the entire group.

Group Size

Our interpersonal communication workshops can accommodate any group size, from very large to very small. Our largest full-day workshops include 1500 participants or more; our smallest group size is one person: a one-on-one coaching workshop. Our typical group size for a full-day workshop is 10-75 people. Clearly, if you are looking for individual attention and focused team interaction, we will steer you away from a large group size. On the other hand, if you are planning a conference with a large group, Roger Reece can tailor a powerful keynote presentation on interpersonal skills for the event. He can also include one or more concurrent sessions for your conference agenda.

Workshop or Seminar: Flexible Style

These terms are somewhat interchangeable, but our workshops tend to be highly interactive, including individual and group activities, role-play and facilitated discussions. If you prefer a classroom-style seminar with less interaction, we can design your program accordingly. We can adjust the style of the program to fit the occasion. If you are planning a retreat, we can make it a team-building event with team activities focused on interpersonal communication. For more information about team-building, please visit our Team Building Workshops website. We can also crank up the FUN meter with Roger Reece's alter-ego, country philosopher Buford P. Fuddwhacker (visit our Fun Motivational Keynotes website at for more information). Contact us for more information about various options to fit the style of your group.

Workshop Content: Tailored to Your Needs

Our interpersonal communication workshops typically cover the full range of interpersonal skills, including:

  • Effective speaking
  • Effective listening
  • Staying present while communicating
  • Resolving conflict
  • Collaborating, negotiating, persuading and influencing
  • Giving & receiving feedback
  • Communicating proactively and assertively
  • Working with difficult people
  • Partnering with your employees
  • Partnering with your boss
  • Partnering with co-workers
  • Communicating via telephone & email
  • Building strong working relationships based on mutual respect
  • Applying emotional intelligence
  • Overcoming communication weaknesses
  • Forming effective communication habits

Your group may be experiencing specific interpersonal communication problems, or you may be aware of certain weaknesses among members of your team. We can customize the content of your workshop to focus on the key areas your group needs. Schedule a phone conference with Roger Reece to discuss your objectives for the workshop, and he will share his ideas on how we can design the perfect program for your group.

Communication and Behavioral Styles:
Changing the Way People Communicate

It's difficult to change the way people communicate. The purpose of an interpersonal communication workshop is to foster behavioral change, but that's not an easy task.

Every individual has a unique communication and behavioral style. This style is a set of communication habits and behavioral patterns that they tend to follow unconsciously. Your style may include passive behaviors in some situations, and aggressive or passive-aggressive behaviors in others. Your style may be task-oriented, or it may be more people-oriented. You may exhibit the patterns of an extrovert with friends and acquaintances, but in certain situations your behavior may be introverted. Sometimes your style is appropriate and serves you well. At other times your style may actually sabotage your efforts to communicate effectively.

Because of the differences in people, it's often difficult for workshop participants to zero in on their own areas for personal change and growth. It's easy to see where others need to change, but we often fail to see ourselves objectively. For that reason, we offer Communication and Behavioral Style Assessments as an optional component of our communication workshops. Anyone can change their behavior and the way they communicate; but first they must see themselves as others see them. They also need to clearly understand how they are often their own worst enemy in sabotaging their communication, relationships and career.

DISC Assessments

Our assessments are based on the DISC model. DISC defines a simple, but effective, language for describing each individual's communication and behavioral style. Your style is comprised of D, I, S, and C characteristics (Dominance, Influence, Support and Compliance). Our assessments are highly accurate in describing how you communicate and behave in interpersonal situations, and they clearly show the ways in which your style works for you, as well as the ways it works against you.

DISC assessments

If you decide to include DISC assessments as an integral component of your workshop, each participant completes an online survey and receives a 20-page personal profile one week prior to the workshop date. The profiles are amazingly accurate. During the workshop, Roger Reece explains the DISC model and uses the assessments to personalize the workshop content for each participant. During the training, exercises, role-play sessions and activities, participants learn to adapt their styles in various situations to overcome old habits and become more effective communicators. For more information about our workshops with DISC assessments, please visit our DISC Training Workshops website.

It's Time for a Change

Even small improvements in the way your employees and managers communicate can make a dramatic improvement in morale, teamwork, performance and bottom line profits. Change requires action. If you would like to improve interpersonal communication in your organization, contact us now to schedule a workshop for your team!

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